How Modern Schools Are Adapting With Change Through School Bus Tracking Solutions

Progress and innovation are the heartbeats of modern times. Every sector has welcomed technology and automation to simplify mundane tasks, enhance efficiency, and boost productivity while benefiting all stakeholders. So why should schools be left behind?

Elizabeth Thompson, the principal of a reputed school and also a social activist, shared an unfortunate incident that one of the guardians had to go through, after which she realized the necessity of opting for a school bus tracking system called Trakom.

She shared that, despite utmost care and carefulness, some situations get out of our control. But by adopting the proper means, we can minimize the chances of accidents, abduction, etc.

Miss Rosy’s son David is a student in her school, and he commuted on the school bus. David is mischievous and is more attracted by outside activities than staying inside the classroom.

So one fine day, he didn’t enter the school premises even after the bus arrived. Instead, he went exploring the neighborhood and met with an accident.

Miss Rosy was deeply saddened and shocked by the incident and feared sending David on the school bus again.

This was when the principal and school authorities decided to adopt a robust school bus tracking system so that no student or parent has to undergo the same scenario again.

In What Ways Does a School Bus Tracking System Mitigate Risks For Students?

A school bus GPS tracking tool like Trakom is the ultimate solution to not only track school buses but also to keep an eye on students’ movements. With the system in place, parents no longer need to live in uncertainty about their kids’ whereabouts.

After David’s incident, everyone started worrying about the safety of their kids. But principal Thompson organized a PTM where the school authorities explained the new GPS solution for school buses they had implemented so that parents could take a sigh of relief.

The technique has features like real-time location tracking, which both parents and school admin can access. As soon as their kids leave for school, parents get real-time updates on the exact locations of the bus, on the Trakom Parents’ App.

Moreover, the tool has a smart bus attendance system that keeps a record of the boarding and deboarding of students every day. With RFID scanners, it also facilitate student attendance.

That’s not it. For additional safety, Trakom provides timely notification of pick-up and drop-off times so that parents can know the ETA of school bus arrival/departure. The parent app allows students to change the pick-up and drop-off location easily in case they are not available in the usual locations.

Principal Thompson has assured the parents that they no longer have to worry about their children not arriving at school or home on the stipulated time. Moreover, information regarding school bus locations will be available on the parent’s app, and they can access it with just a couple of clicks.

Safeguarding Students’ Safety With Trakom, An Innovative School Bus Tracking & Monitoring Solution

Safeguarding Students Safety Wi

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an estimated 4,60,000 students in the United States are reported missing every year (source). This is a concerning factor not only for parents but also for school authorities. To combat the situation, most modern schools are opting for school bus tracking solutions like Trakom.

Trakom’s features, like live school bus tracking, admin alerts, smart attendance, geo-fencing alert, and many more advanced features, minimizes the risk of unwanted accidents. Additional modules like face-recognition-based attendance and School ERP, further facilitate tasks like attendance, sharing homework and school almanac, etc. To implement a strong student security system and ensure students, as well as parents, don’t have to undergo troubles, deploy a tool like Trakom today!

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