How School Bus GPS Tracking Tools Can Help Schools Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements

An estimated 60,000 bus accidents occur every year, including school buses (source). Drunk drivers, rash driving, and unplanned routes are some of the common causes of such accidents, and the absence of regulatory compliance makes this scenario worse.

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That’s why a GPS solution for school buses is the need of the hour. An advanced GPS security system allows seamless management of the entire school bus network, enhancing the security of the students and helping schools meet regulatory compliance requirements.

A real-time school bus tracking system such as Trakom employs advanced technology to provide real-time updates on the entire school bus fleet’s whereabouts. Apart from just showing live locations, there are added features like route planning, admin alerts, live streaming, arrival/departure notifications, geofencing, etc. which make school authorities meet safety guidelines regarding student transport security.

Read on as we discuss in detail the benefits of school bus tracking tools and their role in meeting regulatory compliance.

Overview Of Regulatory Compliance Requirements For School Transportation

State and federal governments have set certain rules to ensure students’ safety when they are transported to and from school. These regulations are formed to ensure drivers operate school buses safely; they are qualified and trained to handle various situations that may arise during transportation.

NHTSA has a detailed breakdown of safety regulations to be maintained while transporting students. Incorporating real-time GPS tracking is one of the compliance requirements that most states asked schools to follow for enhanced student safety and parents’ assurance. This is the reason most schools are opting for a school bus tracking and monitoring solution.

How Can GPS Tracking Tools Help Schools Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements?

school bus GPS tracking system

A GPS or RFID-based school bus tracking tool such as Trakom can connect parents, school authorities, and drivers seamlessly. There are separate apps for parents to get regular notifications about when school buses will take to reach their destination. There is also a driver App that ensures they follow routes and comply with safe driving practices. A driver drowsiness detection system can also be used to further enhance the safety of the students and school transport fleet.

Apart from that, there are additional benefits of such a tool that help schools meet all regulatory compliances as mentioned below-

Instant Alerts For Unplanned Actions

A school bus GPS system comes with an instant admin alert system for unplanned routes, overspeeding, and suspicious halts. Parents always worry about the uncertainty that comes after sending their kids on school buses. Similarly, school authorities remain unsure about the whereabouts of the school bus network and feel accountable in case of any uncertainties.

But not anymore! A robust school bus GPS tracking system like Trakom gives instant alerts if the bus takes an unusual route, crosses the speed limit, and takes longer than usual halts. These alerts help the authorities immediately enquire about such doubtful events and take appropriate actions.

Additional Automated Features

These GPS tracking solutions for school buses incorporate multiple automated features to keep the authorities as well as parents in the loop. Smart features such as geofencing, pick up & drop proximity notification, digitalized student attendance, live tracking, easy route planning, a comprehensive dashboard, etc., make assessing any information a second’s work.

School authorities get notified if a bus crosses geo-fencing areas, ensuring students’ safety all the time. Such software can also record student attendance when they board and deboard the bus. Halt time while boarding and deboarding students also gets recorded; therefore, the administration always remains updated on why a bus may take longer than usual to reach the destination.

Additionally, features like route planning help drivers avoid traffic and any road blockage that might be there. It saves time and fuel consumption as well.

Maintenance & Inspection Record Keeping

A GPS tracking solution like Trakom makes it easy to view trip history, and the reports and analytics feature gives updates about the performance efficiency of buses and drivers. These accurate records of bus maintenance are crucial because they help school authorities confirm that the buses are well-maintained and safe for students to ride in.

Nowadays, parents have become quite active regarding these things, enquiring about this information from the school bus operating staff. The administration can present this data to parents to show that they take utmost care in providing the safest commute to school students.

Complete Maintenance Of Students’ & Parents’ Data Privacy

While employing a GPS system is beneficial, some parents show concern over breaching privacy. However, there are no such worrying factors because it’s a completely secure platform that maintains complete privacy of students’ and parents’ information.

Besides, it allows easy integration with any third-party security hardware or access control system. Such an advanced security system prevents data misuse by unauthorized individuals.

What are the key regulatory compliance requirements for school transportation?

Regulatory compliance requirements for school transportation include ensuring that drivers are qualified, trained, and operate school buses safely. Additionally, real-time GPS tracking is often mandated to enhance student safety.

How does a GPS tracking system like Trakom benefit school authorities?

GPS tracking systems provide real-time updates on school bus fleets, offering features like route planning, live streaming, and geofencing. This helps school authorities ensure the security and safety of students during transportation.

How can parents stay informed about their child’s school bus location?

Parents can use dedicated mobile apps that connect to the GPS tracking system, providing them with regular notifications about the school bus’s expected arrival and departure times.

What measures can a GPS tracking tool implement to enhance student safety?

GPS tracking tools can include driver apps to ensure drivers follow designated routes and adhere to safe driving practices. Additionally, some systems offer features like driver drowsiness detection to further improve student safety.

Are GPS tracking tools a legal requirement for school buses?

While it varies by state, many states require the use of real-time GPS tracking systems on school buses to comply with safety regulations and ensure the security of students. It’s important to check with local and state authorities for specific legal requirements in your area.

To Maximize School Bus Safety and ensure Compliance, Sign Up For Trakom GPS Tracking Solution Today!

A GPS solution for school buses puts an end to all security-related complexities faced by school authorities. It not only helps with real-time tracking of the bus fleet but also improves communication with drivers and parents. Additionally, access to reports and analytics helps identify any issues and work towards them to provide an efficient school bus commuting experience for students. If you want to learn more about Trakom, schedule a call with us now!

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