How to achieve high customer satisfaction with field staff tracker

The success of any business is an indication of customer satisfaction with the product or service. Customer satisfaction is essential for building long-term relations, gain repeat business & customer loyalty. But how to achieve this? Each step of the pre-sales and after-sales process defines how soon we achieve customer satisfaction and how long we retain it.

The first step to achieve customer satisfaction is to understand the pain points of the customers. Here comes the biggest challenge, how to understand these pain points? Everyone must agree communication is the key to obtain a high sales rate. Most of the time, the communication gap in the sales process is the reason behind the failure. How do we bridge the communication gap between the sales team who work on the field and the manager who sits in the office? There is a lack of transparency in the fieldwork.

But now, there is no reason to fail in communication with the sales team while on the field. Digitalization has brought a revolution in field operations. Asti’s GPS based tracking solution, Imprint has opened the doors for the sales manager to monitor and guide their team wherever required. Now managers are aware of practical problems faced by the field staff. They are well prepared to provide an alternative way to attend to customer queries.

Here are a few ways the field staff tracker helps in achieving high customer satisfaction. Right from the first sales pitch to creating awareness about the product completely depends on the punctuality of a sales executive in terms of visits & communication. Challenges like traffic congestion can be a big hurdle for the field staff to reach on-time to the sales meeting.

A tracking solution is a big relief in such scenarios. GPS tracking solution navigates the field staff to avoid the clogged road & take the most optimized route to reach the destination faster & safer.

The prospects are happier when the meeting happens at their convenience. An emergency meeting request from a client can be handled well by the company by notifying the field staff located nearest to the client’s location. It is achieved by the geofence feature of the tracking solution. When the manager schedules any meeting for a field staff from the web application, the field staff gets notified immediately on the mobile application. Quick communication enhances the entire sales process and helps to build good relations with the prospects.

The most important function of the field staff that can improve a client-vendor relationship is requirement elicitation. Communicating with the back-end team about the client’s requirements is as important as gathering the information. A field staff meeting various clients in a day may forget the minute details shared by clients. The field staff tracker application with a dynamic form feature eases this function for the field staff to fill requirements during the meeting & share it immediately with the manager. Accuracy in providing the services to the client strengthens the relationship & helps in retaining the client.

With all the past data stored in the application, one can predict the potential problems that can come up from clients and take the appropriate step to resolve them. Quick response to client queries & resolving them on-time improves customer satisfaction. Intelligent knowledge data of clients saved in the tracking solution application can also be used to analyse the patterns of conversion & retention of clients. This data would be useful for meaningful insights & further client communication.

By having complete data available anytime, anywhere the field engineers can attend to all the queries and perform preventive maintenance which saves clients time and money.

Imprint, a field staff performance & productivity monitoring solution that enhances the client-vendor relationship and helps in the retention of the clients. Imprint brings transparency in day-to-day sales operations that help the management, salesforce & customers stay at the same pace.

The other features Imprint offers are field staff daily login-logout, timesheets, customized reports, uploading of bills and necessary documents as images, video calling, lead management that has improved the real-time communication among the stakeholders.

Today clients have very high expectations and expect fast, relevant, and accurate information from the companies they do business with. Field staff tracker’s features provide your field staff with the information they need when they want it, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and strengthening loyalty.

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