How to Improve Reliability of School Bus Transportation System?

Most parents, who do not have the time to drop and pick their kids to-and-from school, prefer school bus transportation to ensure a safe commute for their children. But there is always a fear in their mind about whether the kids have reached school safely, or why is the school bus late? Did something wrong happen on the road?

A traditional school transportation system with no real time tracking of school buses has witnessed many major safety issues, which call for better reliability of the school transport system. Well, this reliability check has given a big headache to schools.

Improving school bus transportation safety is not at all a complex task to do. By using a simple-to-use GPS school bus tracking solution you can easily improve the reliability of your school bus transportation system.

School bus tracking solution is available as both web and mobile app. The school admin can operate GPS tracking software app through the web, while the mobile app can be used by the school drivers along with the parents. This school bus monitoring software is easy to install, and its user-friendly UI makes it even easier to use. Once school bus tracking software is installed on your device it can work even without the internet.

How reliability of school bus transportation system can be improved?

  • Safety check with real-time school bus tracking: Asti Infotech’s Trakom school bus tracking system provides real-time school bus tracking facility with which the current location of the school bus can be easily traced. This enables the parents and school admin to know the whereabouts of the school bus, thus keeping them worry-free. Not only this, the GPS school bus tracking also keeps you updated about boarding and de-boarding of students, school bus arrivals, any delay in the normal schedule, any deviation in the normal route by sending real-time updates through notifications.
  • Emergency alert reduces the chances of mishaps: To tackle any kind of emergency situation, GPS school bus tracking system has the SOS facility by using which the school bus driver can easily send emergency alerts so that parents and admin both can take necessary action.
  • Route planning makes the trip hassle-free: This is one of the most effective features supported by school bus tracking software, which enables the bus driver to view the shortest route with minimum diversions so that in the case of long traffic jams or road blocks the school bus can be easily re-routed.
  • RFID technology helps in taking student attendance: RFID or Radio frequency identification has made it easier to keep track of the students boarding and de-boarding the bus. RFID reader present on the entry gate of the bus automatically maintains attendance of students in the bus. This enhances the school bus security and plays a very important role in improving reliability of school bus transportation.

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