Six Genuine Reasons to Rely on School Bus GPS Tracking

No doubt school buses are considered as the most reliable transportation medium for students in a highly populated country like India, but the safety measures supported by school buses are quite negligible as compared to other personal modes of transportation.

Before entrusting their child to school buses, parents should be aware about various safety factors to ensure a safe commute. School bus transportation is widely accessible but it does not meet the safety criteria more often than not. The school bus GPS tracking system comes as a one-stop solution for all the safety issues of School bus transportation system. It not only enables real-time tracking of school buses, but also helps in marking attendance of students while boarding and de-boarding the bus, determining the optimized routes for transportation, and generating notifications for any unplanned move or unscheduled stops.

Let’s Take a look at the Reasons to Rely on School Bus GPS Tracking –

  • Ensures Safety: Safety plays a vital role in transportation. Until and unless parents are satisfied with the safety measures they will never rely on the school transportation system. The school bus tracking system takes safety as a responsibility. To handle situations like excessive traffic, delay in the regular timings, or any changes in the daily route, it supports the GPS system which notifies parents before time, eliminates waiting time at the bus stop and keeps parents tension free.
  • RFID school bus attendance tracking: The school bus tracking system includes RFID tracker (Radio frequency identification) which help in taking the attendance of the students who enter and exit from the bus. The RFID reader is installed at the gate, so that as soon as the student enters into the bus and exit from the bus, the tracker sends notifications to the parents and school authority, which helps in maintaining student safety.
  • Optimized route planning makes student commute more reliable: Route planning is the most effective feature supported by a school bus tracking software, which not only plans the best route with minimum diversions, but also can re-route in emergency situations by showing all routes to a particular location.
  • Consistent Real-time Monitoring and Tracking: The prime advantage offered by a school bus tracking software is consistent real time tracking and monitoring of school buses, which ensures a safe and hassle-free commute for kids. Parents can install the school bus tracking mobile app on their mobile phones and can easily see the real time movement of the bus on the live map. This is one of the major factors that encourage parents to rely on GPS-based school bus transportation.
  • Handy to use: It combines both GPS and RFID systems, provides many effective features to the users, but needs very little memory which makes it highly compatible, free of complications and handy to use.
  • Enables cost savings and is environmental friendly: GPS tracking enables real-time tracking of school buses, which allows monitoring and timely notification of vehicle idling if any, thereby helping in reducing the fuel cost and pollution caused by burning of fuel. By monitoring the vehicle speed, it restricts over speeding and can save the maintenance cost along with improving the school bus safety.

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