Revolutionizing Field Service Management with Face Recognition and Fingerprint Unlock for Smooth Accessibility & Enhanced Security

Field service management (FSM) solutions play a pivotal role in streamlining operations for businesses with on-field services. Whether managing a team of sales agents or a fleet of technicians, coordinating service appointments, or overseeing equipment maintenance, having a robust field service management solution is imperative. FSM tools and Apps are undergoing tremendous technological evolution that empowers organizations to optimize their field operations efficiently.

In the dynamic landscape of field service management, where efficiency and productivity enhancement are key, the Imprint workforce automation tool is amongst the most advanced FSM tools in the market. Our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions has led us to introduce significant enhancements to the Imprint Android App from time to time.  Face Recognition and Fingerprint Unlock are two recent feature that have been incorporated to redefine how users access their accounts. These advanced authentication methods not only prioritize security but also elevate the overall experience, ensuring a seamless and futuristic approach to field force management.

Let us dive right in and see how field agents can easily log in to their accounts using this new feature:

How to Get Started:

  1. Initial Login: To begin this transformative journey, users need to log in to their Imprint accounts for the first time using their traditional credentials. This initial step ensures a secure and authenticated account setup.
  2. Navigate to Profile: Next, they need to go to the “Profile” section in the app. This is where users can find the option to use the latest biometric sign-in option.

Access the Profile Section

3. Enable Face Recognition/Fingerprint Unlock: Within the profile settings, locate the “Face ID/Fingerprint Sign-in” option. If your Android device supports these cutting-edge biometric features, turn on the chosen option to activate either Face Recognition or Fingerprint Unlock.

Locate the face recognition/fingerprint feature and turn it on

4. Logout and Re-login: With Face Recognition or Fingerprint Unlock enabled, users can now log out of their Imprint accounts. From this point forward, accessing the app is as simple as a glance or a touch, offering a swift and secure alternative to traditional credentials.

Sign in using fingerprint/face recognition

Important Note:

In order to use this advanced feature, first ensure that your Android mobile device is compatible with Face Recognition and Fingerprint Unlock. Imprint’s commitment to security goes hand-in-hand with user convenience, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

Field force management has experienced a transformation with new-age FSM tools that automate manual processes and ensure greater transparency and efficiency for on-field teams. Simplifying a basic process like daily sign-in ensures a safer and hassle-free user experience. As we redefine accessibility and security, users can now experience a more efficient and streamlined approach to managing their field operations. Embrace the future of authentication and elevate your field service management experience – discover the enhanced Imprint Android App today! Drop us a line or schedule a demo to learn about Imprint’s other superior features.


Why is security emphasized in field service management, and how do Imprint’s Face Recognition and Fingerprint Unlock enhance it?

Security is crucial in field service management to protect sensitive data and ensure the integrity of operations. Imprint’s Face Recognition and Fingerprint Unlock provide advanced authentication, adding an extra layer of security to user accounts. These features not only prioritize data protection but also offer a convenient and efficient way for users to access their accounts.

How do face recognition and fingerprint unlock improve the user experience in field service management?

Traditional authentication methods can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Imprint’s face recognition and fingerprint unlock streamline the login process, making it quicker and more convenient for users. This enhances the overall user experience, contributing to increased efficiency in field force management.

Can Imprint’s workforce automation tool integrate seamlessly with existing field service management solutions?

Yes, Imprint’s workforce automation tool is designed to integrate seamlessly with various field service management solutions. Its adaptability ensures that businesses can incorporate advanced features like face recognition and fingerprint unlocking without disrupting their existing operations.

How does Imprint stay ahead in the evolving landscape of field service management solutions?

Imprint stays ahead by consistently introducing cutting-edge features and enhancements to its Android App. The inclusion of technologies like face recognition and fingerprint unlock showcases our commitment to innovation, allowing businesses to stay at the forefront of efficiency and productivity in field service operations.

Are Face Recognition and Fingerprint Unlock optional features, and can users choose to disable them if needed?

Yes, both Face Recognition and Fingerprint Unlock are optional features in the Imprint Android App. Users have the flexibility to enable or disable these advanced authentication methods based on their preferences or organizational policies. Imprint is designed to provide customization options that cater to the diverse needs of field service management users.

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