Why Does Your Company Need a Vehicle Tracking Solution?

In an age where efficiency, fast service, and precision are paramount, businesses across the globe are leveraging technology to streamline operations.

And when it comes to industries that depend on fleets of vehicles- be it logistics, transportation, cargo delivery, or other service-based companies, investing in vehicle fleet management solutions is crucial.

But what exactly is a vehicle management solution?

Simply put, a vehicle management system is designed to make fleet operations more efficient, cost-effective, and transparent. It leverages GPS technology coupled with software applications to track, manage, and analyze all aspects related to a company’s fleet of vehicles.

With the help of such a Vehicle Tracking and monitoring Solution (VTMS), companies can move their goods through their preferred modes of transportation and ensure smooth movement and on-time deliveries.

Furthermore, the system gives you a bird’s eye view of all your vehicles at your fingertips. VTMS’ comprehensive dashboard allows constant map monitoring and displays the accurate location of trucks or other delivery vehicles.

That’s not it. You can access additional information regarding driver behavior, fuel usage, vehicle utilization, maintenance schedules, the current state of the vehicle (moving, parked, idle), etc., giving you complete control over your fleet.

Such a robust system can help companies deal with recurring problems like shipment delays, logistical inefficiencies, inefficient routing, increased transportation costs, burgeoning fuel spending, and other related issues.

To deal with these issues, it is the need of the hour for every business to deploy an advanced transport monitoring solution like VTMS.

Understanding the Complexities of Manual Vehicle Management System

Even though manual logs have served as the cornerstone of fleet management for years, in today’s fast-paced data-driven world, relying on a manual recording of data comes with a host of challenges.

Moreover, automated features let you track your fleet in real-time and get every little detail about the fleet movement with just a few clicks, which you cannot avail of with a manual system.

Apart from that, here are some other drawbacks of manual vehicle management systems:

Time-Consuming: Manually logging information for each vehicle consumes significant time, pulling fleet managers away from strategic tasks.

Inaccurate Data: Cases of inaccurate entities are not uncommon in human operations resulting in flawed insights and misguided decisions.

Lack of Analytics: You cannot access the efficient and data-driven analytical advantages of identifying trends, predicting future trends, optimizing fleet performance, etc., through manual operations.

Delayed Updates: Since manual operations do not give you access to real-time data, you won’t be aware of urgent issues that may hinder prompt response and quick decisions.

Why Does Your Company Need a Vehicle Tracking and Management Solution? Reasons & Benefits

Modern technologies like GPS fleet management solutions can transform your operations, reduce turnaround time, and help you reap a lot of business benefits. The following are a few of them:

Get a Bird’s Eye View of the Entire Fleet In a Single System

The VTMS fleet tracking software features a multifunctional GPS-based fleet management system with real-time monitoring capacities.

As mentioned before, the absence of real-time updates may give way to numerous problems leading to delayed deliveries. But VTMS can end such issues by providing you with every little detail from the moment the fleet of vehicles leaves their vicinity.

With the comprehensive dashboard, fleet managers can see details like:

  • Routes followed
  • Live location of the vehicles, trips, compliances, etc.
  • Current status of the vehicle (moving, idle, parked, etc.)
  • Get alerts for overspeeding, tampering, stoppage, vehicle inspection fuel theft alert, etc.

Thus, fleet managers no longer need to wait for drivers to update them regarding the transportation status. They can avail of them whenever they want with a simple click.

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Increased Operational Efficiency

A fleet software brings in operational efficiency with its set of advanced features. As stated in the previous point, fleet managers get every single update regarding fleet movement.

Knowing where your vehicles are at any given time allows for more efficient planning and better response to unexpected situations.

Moreover, companies can now automate manual tasks like data entry, scheduling, and reporting, which ultimately saves time and reduces the chances of error.

Besides, the tool allows you to track and analyze information on your vehicles up to 90 days in the past, which further aids in making informed decisions to improve efficiency.

Cost savings

One of the primary benefits of a vehicle management system is cost savings. It happens by:

Reducing fuel costs: Features of VTMS like route optimization, geo-fencing, live updates, fuel level alerts, etc., ensure that each vehicle takes the most efficient route, which ultimately results in significant fuel savings.

Improved maintenance planning: With predictive vehicle health diagnostics & maintenance alerts, you can address minor issues before they become major problems. This not only prolongs the lifespan of your vehicle but also saves expenses associated with significant repairs and unexpected downtime.

Enhanced Safety & Compliance

A motor vehicle crash occurs every 5 seconds; every 10 seconds, an injury happens, and every 15 minutes, an individual dies in a motor vehicle accident. (source).

A VTS tracking can significantly reduce the number of such accidents by monitoring driver behavior, overspeeding, erratic driving, harsh braking, etc. Such reports on driver behavior help managers identify and address issues and educate them on safe driving practices. VTMS takes this a notch up with its Driver Drowsiness Detection System (DDS), which can be a game changer for preventing accidents.

Besides, the system also helps you stay on top of regulatory requirements, from emission standards to duty hours, ensuring you’re always in compliance and avoiding costly fines.

Improved customer satisfaction

Finally, vehicle fleet management software boosts customer satisfaction with efficient operations and timely deliveries. The software gives you every little detail, minimizing the chances of error and other issues.

This maintains a good company reputation resulting in customer satisfaction as well as increased customer retention rates.

Elevate, Simplify, & Transform Your Fleet Performance With VTMS

In an era of relentless business competition and technological advancement, adopting the right tools, like Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring System, can make all the difference. It acts as your strategic partner that can streamline operations, enhance safety, reduce costs, and ultimately drive business growth.

If you want to change your vehicle management approach and shift to a more advanced system, sign up for VTMS today


Why do businesses need a Vehicle Tracking Solution?

Businesses need a Vehicle Tracking Solution to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure timely deliveries. VTMS offers real-time tracking, monitoring of driver behavior, fuel usage insights, and more, allowing companies to gain control over their fleet operations and address logistical challenges effectively.

Can’t manual vehicle management systems suffice for fleet management?

Manual systems have their limitations in today’s data-driven world. They lack the real-time tracking and detailed insights that an automated VTMS provides. With manual methods, it’s difficult to efficiently manage a fleet, optimize routes, and address issues like delayed shipments and increasing transportation costs.

What specific benefits does a Vehicle Tracking Solution offer for logistics companies?

VTMS provides logistics companies with numerous benefits, including real-time tracking for efficient route planning, reducing fuel costs, optimizing driver behavior, and ensuring on-time deliveries. It also offers a comprehensive overview of the fleet’s status, which is essential for maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.

How does a Vehicle Tracking Solution help reduce fuel expenses?

VTMS can reduce fuel expenses by providing insights into fuel usage patterns and driver behavior. It helps identify instances of excessive idling, speeding, or inefficient routes, allowing companies to take corrective actions to optimize fuel consumption and lower costs.

Is investing in a Vehicle Tracking Solution cost-effective for small businesses?

Yes, investing in a VTMS can be cost-effective for small businesses. The system’s ability to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and reduce operational costs often outweighs the initial investment. It helps small businesses remain competitive and enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring reliable and on-time deliveries.

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